5-10 November 2019

PAD 18, G54

About Ventures

Our experience has taught us that building a winning business must rely on the fundamental values of a winning product (with unique attributes), a great location (from a logistics point-of-view) and of course a strong and capable work-force.

Ventures has built its network of professionals in various market segments, all working together in order to ascertain leadership in each of its business units.

Our team is comprised of professional managers, financial advisors, engineers, logistics experts and of course our own software development team, working on a variety of software programming tools in order to enhance existing solutions, or develop new ones from scratch.

Join us in making your business more advanced.



non-polluting facility.

Grade "A" facility

which includes a professional level of white collars (engineering team is a must) and a high level of blue collar work-force with high esteem and regards for their work place.


Up to 400 employees

we support institutions, such as Regions, Universities and research institutions, in the development of new technologies.

Synergy with local governments

Our Mission. Our Vision.

Our Business Units and
line of Products

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